CIBT has a highly trained and motivated leadership team with deep knowledge of the industry, extensive experience, and unique skills.

Switzerland Leadership Team

Florent Frapolli - Regional Managing Director

Florent Frapolli is the Regional Managing Director of CIBT Europe and is responsible for all aspects of the CIBT businesses across Europe. Florent has extensive experience in business development and operational process improvements. He has a proven track record of successfully developing and growing businesses. Before joining CIBT in 2012, Florent worked with G4S in the aviation industry and Iron Mountain in the Record Management industry. Florent is focused on developing the European business and using his expertise to ensure that our customers receive exceptional service.


Karin Mogy- Country Manager

Karin Mogy is the Country Manager for Austria and Switzerland and she is responsible for all aspects of the CIBT business in those countries. She has extensive experience in Operations, Sales, Account Management and Project Management in the aviation and media industries. Before joining CIBT in 2014, Karin worked with Austrian Airlines and Jetalliance. Karin will continue to develop the business, extend the range of CIBT products as well as strengthen sales activities and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.


Emmanuel Halter - Operations Director

Emmanuel Halter is the Operations Manager of CIBT Switzerland and Austria and is responsible for all operational aspects of the CIBT business. Emmanuel has extensive experience in the hospitality industry including management and customer service. Before joining CIBT in 2013 Emmanuel was responsible for the Visa Centre of a large Travel Management Company in Bern. His organization and management skills developed in the hotel and restaurant management will help Emmanuel to develop our operational procedures and ensure delivery of the best customer experience possible.

Corporate Leadership Team

John Donoghue - President and Chief Executive Officer

John Donoghue joined CIBT in September of 2008 and has served as the company's President and Chief Executive Officer since September 2010. Under John's leadership the company has more than doubled the size and profitability and expanded its global footprint to operate in 14 countries. During his tenure, the company has completed nearly 40 acquisitions, standardized operational procedures to deliver consistent global service levels, implemented a strong online sales program, and developed partnerships with some of the world’s largest airlines and consumer travel websites.  John has also led the company’s expansion to offer a full range of immigration and mobility services to corporate clients. Prior to joining CIBT, John held senior management positions with an emphasis on sales, marketing, and customer service with organizations such as Verisign, Network Solutions, The World Wildlife Fund and MCI Telecommunications. John was with MCI for 12 years serving as the company’s Senior Vice President of Marketing overseeing advertising, marketing partnerships, product development and public relations. John is a summa cum laude graduate of The George Washington University. John is a member of the CIBT Board of Directors.

Steven Diehl – Senior Vice President of Global Business Development

Steven Diehl was named Senior Vice President of Global Business Development for CIBT in 2012. Steve is responsible for developing comprehensive mobility solutions for global companies.  As CIBT's footprint has expanded into new regions, Steve and his team have played an integral role in providing strategic guidance and direction to clients seeking short-term and long-term migration strategies that are tailored to specific industry sectors. Prior to his current appointment, Steve served in various roles at CIBT including Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Account Management where he led his team to grow and retain a diverse portfolio of corporate, government, and NGO clients. In addition to his responsibilities for global business development, Steve manages the company’s growing immigration practices in Latin America where he has expanded key client relations across new borders. Steve began his career with CIBT in 1996. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Syracuse University where he graduated summa cum laude.  He is an active member of and frequent panelist at leading international travel and mobility associations, including the Association for Workforce Mobility (Worldwide ERC), the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM, the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), and the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA).

Pete Fox – Chief Information Officer

Pete Fox joined CIBT as CIO in September of 2009. He is responsible for all aspects of the company’s technical strategy and operations including Software Development, Networks Management, Data Centers and Digital Security.  Pete also leads the global marketing team to develop innovative new products and services.  At CIBT Pete spearheaded the implementation and rollout of CIBT’s bespoke fulfillment systems to 14 different countries operating in 7 different languages.  Pete oversees CIBT’s commercial software product offerings and developed ImmigrationSmart, the company’s innovative technology solution for corporate mobility. Pete has strong experience in leadership and development of large-scale distributed network applications, web-based applications, global marketing and e-commerce products.  Before joining CIBT, Pete held several senior positions at Network Solutions, where he lead two major acquisitions and served as the SVP in charge of Engineering, Product Development and M&A.  His background includes experience with companies such as Lockheed Martin and General Electric.  Pete is a magna cum laude Electrical Engineering graduate from VA Tech and holds an MS in Electrical Engineering also from VA Tech.  

Bill Garrahan - Chief Financial Officer

Bill Garrahan joined CIBT in June of 2011 as Chief Financial Officer. Over the past 5 years Bill has built the company’s global financial organization and infrastructure to 14 countries across 5 continents in 9 currencies. Under his leadership the company has implemented a standard accounting system worldwide; supported the diligence and integration of over 30 acquisitions, implemented a legal restructuring to optimize tax efficiency and developed reporting to provide real time data to effectively manage a global enterprise. Before joining CIBT, Bill held senior management positions in corporate finance and development at MCI, XO Communications and Lehman Brothers. Positions included CFO of MCIs $6 billion Consumer Division and CFO of XO Communications. Bill has B.S. in Engineering from the University of Virginia, an M.S. in Engineering from The George Washington University and an MBA from the Darden School of Business at UVA.

Sandra Woznitski - Senior Vice President of North American Operations

Sandi joined CIBT in March of 2010 and has served as Senior Vice President of the North America region since 2013. She has a deep background in customer service, sales, and marketing with experience developing strategies to increase customer satisfaction and institutional profitability on a global scale. Sandi has overseen the integration of five acquisitions into North America operations. Prior to joining CIBT, Sandi spent over 20 years at MCI Telecommunications and Verizon where she held various senior leadership positions in customer service, sales, and marketing. Sandi is a cum laude graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management. 

Nicolas Derbyshire - Managing Director - Asia Pacific

Nicolas Derbyshire joined CIBT in May of 2012 as Vice President of Business Development and was appointed Managing Director Asia Pacific in January 2013.  Under Nic’s leadership CIBT’s presence in Asia Pacific has grown to become a leading provider of mobility services. Since joining CIBT, Nic has overseen the acquisition and integration of 6 businesses in the Asia/PAC region and has led ”green field” entries into new markets in both the immigration and travel visa industries. Prior to joining CIBT, Nic was a founder of Visalink Systems, where he was instrumental in developing visa solutions for international travelers, forming strategic relationships with industry partners and overseeing Visalink’s Australian operations. Nic developed partnerships with many sectors of the Australian Government, designing and executing a proprietary system tailored to the needs of diplomatic and official passport holders. Nic joined the company when Visalink was acquired by CIBT in 2012. Nic has extensive experience in areas of business development, financial and operational management.  Nic is a VCE graduate of Haileybury College.

Asma Bashir – Managing Director, Global Immigration Business

Asma Bashir is the Managing Director of CIBT’s global immigration business and is a renowned expert with particular expertise in immigration to the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.  Asma is highly recognized for her innovative thinking and collaborative approach to finding unique and strategic solutions to help clients achieve their business objectives. During the course of her career, she has developed strong relationships with governments and immigration departments around the world, regularly meeting with policy teams to represent the interests of businesses. Asma is also the founder of the award winning immigration firm, Newland Chase which was acquired by CIBT in 2014. She has a law degree from University College London and a Masters in legal practice.

Florent Frapolli - Regional Managing Director

Florent Frapolli joined CIBT in 2012 and is the Managing Director of the European region. Under his leadership, CIBT has made a series of acquisitions and expanded across 8 Countries in Europe. Florent has a proven track record of successfully developing and growing businesses while maintaining a high level of customer service. Before joining CIBT, Florent held leadership roles at G4S in the aviation industry, DMD in the airlines inflight entertainment market and Iron Mountain in the Record Management industry. Florent is focused on developing the European business utilizing operational excellence to drive increased profitability. Florent is a graduate of Aix-Marseille University.

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