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VisaCentral provides group travellers with an effective and streamlined process to alleviate the confusion associated with travel visa and passport processing.  VisaCentral creates a personalised Visa Application Pack to customers participating in group travel.  VisaCentral’s Information Pack provides travellers with the necessary entry requirements and application forms for each country they plan to visit during their group holiday.

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VisaCentral’s Unique Services For Group Travel Include:

  1. VisaCentral Application Pack. VisaCentral creates and distributes custom VisaCentral Application Packs for travel groups with the necessary entry requirements for each country they plan to visit.

     Travellers are often unfamiliar with visa requirements and processing procedures when preparing to travel abroad. Travellers who may not have applied for visas in the past can easily follow the simple steps outlined in the VisaCentral Application Pack. Designed in an easy to read format, it is an efficient method of delivering visa requirements to travel groups. The VisaCentral Application Pack includes all visa applications, requirements, processing times, and useful information specific to a travel group’s destination.

    The VisaCentral Application Pack can be tailored to cover multiple countries on a travel group’s itinerary.  VisaCentral can also customise the pack with your group travel logo to offer you an additional opportunity for branding.

     VisaCentral provides discounted rates to travel groups using the VisaCentral Application Pack and can also provide commission at the travel group’s request.   Other payment options include building the cost of the visa into the total tour cost and providing the visa service as “inclusive” or as partial payment of fees by the travel group. The group organizer can sell the traveller this service at point of sale to maximize commissions and ensure all travellers obtain visas for their destination.

  1. Airport Meet & Greet Delivery. VisaCentral helps clients meet the tightest of travel deadlines with our Airport Meet & Greet delivery service.  We will arrange for couriers to collect passports at the airport from arriving travellers in need of expedited processing.   We can also coordinate the delivery of passports for departing travellers who have applied for urgent last minute visas. 
  2. Proprietary Database.  VisaCentral customers and clients can access a proprietary, state-of-the-art database that contains all of the specific travel requirements for nearly every destination in the world.  VisaCentral provides each traveller with a customised VisaCentral Application Pack that contains simple and complete instructions specific to their travel visa or passport needs.
  3. Same Day Submittals. VisaCentral can process travel visas and passports in as little as a day.  Applications received in our office by 8:30 a.m. are submitted to the appropriate embassy or consulate the same day that we receive them.  Work is never placed on hold or delayed regardless of the deadline.

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