Embassy Outsourcing

VisaCentral provides embassies with an effective and streamlined process to accommodate the ever growing demands of travel visa processing.  By using VisaCentral as an outsourcing agent, embassies can save themselves time and money when additional resources are needed. 

VisaCentral’s daily processing operations require that a close working relationship with embassies from most nations be maintained.  As a result, VisaCentral is familiar with the inner workings and processes of many embassies.  VisaCentral’s familiarity with embassy protocol allows embassies to focus their attention on issues of greater importance.  VisaCentral ensures that the standard of work required by many embassies is upheld and provides fast, easy, and secure processing of all embassy-related work requests. 

To get more information regarding embassy outsourcing services with VisaCentral, contact Shawn Hefner on 0044 20 7802 1010.

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Case Study

A leading media and entertainment company had two months to obtain travel visas for 1,000 employees to cover the Winter Olympics.

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